I’m looking to relocate to a big city, but want to mainly stay in the midwest region.

I’m looking for a city that has it all.

1. Affordable real estate or rent
2. Lots of jobs
3. Lots of nightlife
4. A culturally diverse population
5. A very liberal and progressive city

I was thinking about these major cities:

St. Louis

If you can come up with any more suggestions, that would be great.
Thanks for your opinions



I am a senior at UW-Milwaukee. I am majoring in Finance with a Real Estate Certificate. I am also a 4 year NCAA Division 1 swimmer.

I am really interested into the house flipping industry (even though this may not be the best economy for that now). I like the entrepreneurial aspect of it, as well as I really enjoy design and architecture.

I want to move back home to Chicago, IL after I am finished with school, but do not know where to start my job search (or even which field to start in? Development? Investment? etc.)

If anyone could shed some light on what industry I may enjoy or where to start my Chicago job search that would be great!

Thanks guys!


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would like any advice on starting a real estate investment company in Milwaukee, Wi.



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I am in Milwaukee and the weather sucks this time of year. I may have a bit of seasonal depression. I am in real estate and the market is ripe for seasoned investors. Unfortunately for me, I got into some deal and lost a lot of money. I am thing of relocating and exploring other options. Does anyone have any advice. I am 30 years old with no kids and very little debt. I want something new.



I would like to use the web to look up specific real estate in Milwaukee Cty, Milwaukee WI to learn what its’ assessed value is as well as property taxes. I have the web address for Dane Cty in Wisconsin however have been unable to locate one for Milwaukee Cty. Your help would be appreciated.


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